“Stage 2” is our dub theatre featuring a Dolby Digital SurroundEX system, a 24ft Micro Perf Screen, and a Christie CP2000 projector with 2K resolution and 3D projection capability. With stadium seating for 40, our theatre offers clients not only a place to mix and screen, but also a comfortable environment in which to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Stage 2 provides our clients with an enhanced collaborative space for the entire team of producers, directors, and creatives to experience the final product as it will actually be seen and heard.

The “Shag Room” is modeled after an average home viewing environment. Perfect for mixing television series and documentaries that will be playing in the comfort of the viewer’s home, the Shag has Pioneer Elite TV picture playback and a Genelec 8030A 5.1 speaker system. The Shag Room allows professional audio editing and mixing in a realistic environment for the best results possible.

Our “Edit Suite” can be used on its own or in tandem with a mix happening on the Stage. The room features a Genelec 8030A speaker system, and is also used for running Source Connect sessions using Source Connect Pro 3.8.

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