September, 2023 - Documentary, Video Games

Its all fun and games here at dbc sound. This month we have United Front Games joining the ever growing list of gaming companies who choose dbc for their projects. United Front is mixing their new game on one of our 5.1 nearfield monitoring systems with an HD plasma tv to emulate the perfect home gaming environement.


Later this month we will have the pleasure of providing foley for both Blue Castle games and Rock Star gamesas well as mixing for Blue castle.

Our friends from “The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud” (starring Zac Efron) have returned for our ADR services. We utilized a Source Connect to ISDN bridge. Contact us for more information on booking your Source Connect session as a cost effective alternative to ISDN!

dbc will be providing mixing services for “Na Nai’a The Legend of the Dolphins”. This is a unique look into the history of dolphins, their underwater world, and the importance of their contnued survival. Many celebrities such as Gerard Butler, Kate Winslet, Ellen Page, Whoopi Goldberg and Megan Fox (to name a few) have lent themselves to this film in order to give these creatures a voice. dbc is very excited to be a part of this wonderful project!


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