dbc sound inc. is an audio post-production facility in the heart of Vancouver.

Working on feature films, television, animation, documentaries, short films, video games, and commercials.

In 2001, Bill Sheppard and Dean Giammarco combined their collective sound expertise to establish themselves under their original company name: Cinesonic. Two years, a new location, name change, and several technological updates later, dbc was born and has since grown up to be a successful and highly respected member of the post-production audio industry worldwide. Our facilities are state of the art, and our staff is insightful and experienced – together this positions dbc sound as an industry leader.

Over the years, dbc has evolved with the ever-changing post production industry. Our editors work via satellite from their home suites, and our foley artist 1010 Audio works and resides in Victoria, BC. With our newly installed fibre optic line, everyone involved on a project can quickly and securely grab and send encrypted files. Once completed, the work is compiled at dbc where we mix and playback for clients in our relaxed and comfortable environment. This business model allows us to save on overhead costs, which allows us to pass the savings on to our clients and formulate a work flow specific to each project’s individual needs.

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