dbc recently completed the final mix of Flashback Films new suspense/horror flick “Butterfly Effect 3: “Revelations”

April, 2024 - Film, Television, Video Games

dbc recently completed the final mix of Flashback Films new suspense/horror flick “Butterfly Effect 3: “Revelations”, the story of a young man who solves crime by travelling back in time until he finds that he has become a suspect.

BE3 one sheet

How time flies!  Bardel Entertainment‘s animated series, “Zeke’s Pad” will be finishing it’s last mix at the end of January!  Look out for Zeke’s Pad on YTV in 2009!

bardel logo

dbc is about to mix the final, 52nd episode of Nerdcorps’ animated series, Stormhawks! Stay tuned to YTV for “high flying, death-defying, no-crying adventure”!



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