“City of Ember”, starring Bill Murray, is now playing in theatres!

June, 2024 - Film

City of Ember“, starring Bill Murray, is now playing in theatres!
The futuristic story of an underground refuge for humanity, now coming to the end of its 200 year power supply – and the 2 young heroes whose mission is to save it!


On October 28, New Line Cinema and Walden Media‘s,  “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D came out on Blu-Ray in 3D!  Peter M. Bracke of High-Def Digest reviews the audio: “…a slam-bang presentation that’s just as over-the-top with effects and action as the feature film…Any scene involving action, special effects or dinosaurs is flush with discrete effects. The rear channels are almost always engaged, and the result is a wonderfully active soundstage. Sounds whoosh and zoom with transparent panning and excellent clarity. Low bass extends to the deepest levels, so my subwoofer got quite a workout. The mix is first-rate in terms of polish and gloss, with every constructed sound robust…this is a fun mix.”

Blu-Ray-Logo_svg002-J3D 1 Sheet

dbc sound has just begun working on Force Four Entertainment‘s  “Sole Custody – a.k.a. Playing for Keeps”.  This movie of the week is inspired by a true story about a party girl whose affair with a married, African American, rich professional basketball player results in a custody battle for their mixed-race son that ends up in the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Cartoon Network‘s “three musketeers of adolescence”, “Ed, Edd n Eddy“, are back at dbc with a new feature length movie!!


Anagram Pictures has just finished working on visual effects and picture editing at dbc sound for their upcoming feature film, “The Thaw“.


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