dbc sound was pleased to have the editorial crew of Universal Pictures “The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud”

May, 2024 - Film, Video Games

dbc sound was pleased to have the editorial crew of Universal Pictures “The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud” (Starring Zac Efron) utilize our office space to setup their Avid Unity systems as well as our direct-to-stage HD-SDI connectivity for rough assembly screenings of the project for the Director, Producers and other Cast and Crew. The Film’s Director, Burr Steers and Editor Padriac McKinley found screening in a true theatrical and HD environment integral to the editorial process. To view pictures of the stage, see our facilities page or to request more information on the rooms and pricing, please contact us.

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EA Blackbox has employed dbc sound for sound design on an upcoming game animatic. We’d tell you more…but we can’t. you’ll know when you hear it!

EA Blackbox

Front Street Pictures “Cinderella Pact” a.k.a “Lying To Be Perfect” has completed sound design and mix at dbc sound. This film is directed by Vancouver’s own Gary Harvey, and stars Poppy Montgomery from TV’s “Without a Trace” fame.

VIFF! The Vancouver International Fim festival is here! dbc sound was happy to be involved in helping to employ a newer method of screening films at this years festival. Up until now, the film fest relied solely on tape or film print as a means of playback. But, with the help of dbc’s cutting edge gear and know how, were were able to screen from a full HD resolution quicktime. Without a hiccup I might add. Thank you to the Festival for letting us be involved. Hooray for technology!

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