“Foreverland” was mixing in our Stage 2 theatre this month.

September, 2023 - Documentary, Film

“Foreverland” was mixing in our Stage 2 theatre this month. Thanks to Max McGuire and the whole Foreverland team for including dbc in all the fun. Best of luck to everyone!

Ewan Deane kicks off the month of October in the dbc studio with a new Nature of Things documentary, “Programmed to be Fat”. Check it out to “explore controversial new science that suggests being overweight is not just the result of too much food, too little exercise, and genetics.  Exposure to environmental chemicals during fetal development may be changing our physiology forever.” Interesting stuff!

Scott MacDonald (Scottymac.ca!) brought us a Remembrance Day short for mixing, based off of a poem written by the man himself. Look for it in upcoming festivals throughout the month of November.

“Indie Jonesing” hit the Stage at the end of the month for some quality mix time. “On the eve of his dreaded 30th birthday Patrick’s life is paved with broken dreams. He is losing his career, his apartment and to top it off, the love of his life is dating his cousin. The bad luck keeps on coming, until a sudden series of accidental, felonious and even magical events change the course of his destiny forever. Now all he has to do is deal with the body…”. Thanks to Stefan Wrenshall and James Tocher! Good luck!


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