Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

dbc is kicking off the new year by beginning post-production work for “Endgame”, a new Canadian (filmed and produced in Vancouver!) TV series from Thunderbird Films. Starring Shawn Doyle, the show follows a genius chess master who has become a shut-in at a luxery Vancouver hotel after witnessing the murder of his fiance. In order to pay the bills, he begins to solve crimes and help others with problems they can’t bring to the police. The show is set to air in Spring of 2011 on Showcase. We’ll keep you up to date with show times as they’re announced!

“X-Cars”, mixed by Ewan Deane airs Thursday, January 6th at 9:00pm on the Discovery channel. Head over to the website for more information on the documentary, and some teaser videos to sate your interest.

“Thoroughly Modern Marriage”, another documentary mixed by Ewan Deane, airs Thursday, January 20th at 9pm on CBC’s DocZone. You can find more information on the show here.


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