It’s been a while! 2013 has been amazing to us so far, and we’d love to share a little bit about what we’ve been up to the last few months.

May, 2024 - Film, Projects, Television

HUGE congratulations to our tech guru Gordon Sproule, and former dbc-ers Jonny Ludgate and Jeff Davis for their big win at the Daytime Emmy Awards this year! The boys brought home the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Sound Editing – Animation‘ on Nerd Corps Entertainment’s “Slugterra”.

The television series ‘Arctic Air’ and ‘Motive’ kept us hard at work until April, and we’re happy to say we’ll be working with both crews again through this fall season! Arctic Air was renewed for a third season, while Motive was renewed for a second as well as making an internation sale to the USA. Congratulations! We can’t wait to see you all back in the fall.

Director Carl Bessai along with writer Brent Butt brought their film “No Clue” to mix in our Stage 2 theatre by the amazingly talented Gord Hillier and Miguel Nunes in May. Following up in June, we hosted the mix of ‘Sociable Films‘ latest feature “Afterparty” mixed by Gregor Phillips.

“Three Days in Havana” came to our mix theatre from Tony Pantages and Gil Bellows at the end of June, and after a long anticipating wait we can finally say how happy we are to have been a part of the production. Thanks guys!

In early July we saw “Reasonable Doubt” from our friend Dave Valleau, which mixed in our Stage 2 theatre by Bill Sheppard and Dean Giammarco. Check it out in January of 2014 when it releases!


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