Renovations, everywhere!

April, 2024 - Film, Projects, Television, Video Games

Renovations, everywhere! dbc has undergone a huge transformation over the last few months, and we’re still going! We’ve added an edit suite, a second bathroom (much to the rejoicing of clients everywhere!), and of course, extra bar space. A new window has gone in where our unused garage-style door formerly sat, giving the area a lot of natural light. Things are looking fabulous! Curious? Come down and say hi, check out the space, and stay for a drink!

Dead Rising 3 is almost here! We’re now happy to announce our collaboration with Capcom Vancouver on the third instalment of the Dead Rising franchise. Check it out next month as one of the release titles for the Xbox One!

James Franco was in the studio recording some ADR on a super secret project this month. Nice having you here, James!

Ice Pilots NWT is back in the Shag with mixer Jo Rossi! Now in it’s fifth season, we’re still happy to play a part in it’s post-production.

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