Stage 1 Theatrical ATMOS Theatre

July, 2024 - Audio Post Production, Mix Facility, Re-Recording Mix Stage

Welcome Spring time!

Stage 1 was the original dbc sound mix stage, which has seen some changes over the years. We reacquired the Stage back to our facilities in March of 2020, which unfortunately then didn’t immediately get to see much work as the pandemic hit. Now that we’ve navigated through those times and are happily welcoming clients back to the studio, this Stage has been hard at work! Fully upgraded, we mixed the Theatrical ATMOS version of “Violent Night” here that you may have heard in theatres this past Christmas.

Of course, the Stage is also fully equipped for television mixes as well, and we just wrapped up a Netflix project in this space!

Check out some photos of the Stage below, and contact Kat to book your project here today!

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